Buy Transport Theme for your Transport companies WordPress Installation

Introducing the worlds first fully automated Transport Company WordPress Theme. It is on Sale Now for $39. A WordPress theme for any transport company, from taxi ranks to mini cab stations and coach services to any aviation carriers. Get bookings and payment online, expand your business for as little as $39. If you run a mini-cab business or a fleet of coaches and need your customers to reach you via the web. Then this solution will be the best for you. Instant management of all the orders and reservations, and much more. Check out the features below.

Purchase Transport Theme Now. for only $39.

View the Demo

A booking system designed to take reservations online using Google Map’s API to estimate the price according to your rates, from location A to location B. The program is intuitive enough to let the operator set the rate for the journey, leveraging Google Map’s API to calculate the distance of the best possible route with the rate you set. It works in any country in the world

Have a look through its top features.

  • PayPal fully integrated into the Booking System.
  • Easy map navigation integrated into the theme.
  • Gives point by point directions from a destination to another.
  • Uses Street Map and Visualize the Journey through Google Map’s street view.
  • Unlimited amount of transportation and vehicle types, such as taxis, coaches, mini buses, limos and more.
  • Customers can pay and/or reserve the booking online.
  • Option to Pay the driver instead.
  • Customers Reference number automatically generated.
  • Unlimited Employee have access to the bookings.
  • Light weight theme and very easy to understand unlike previous versions.
  • Only one file and approximately 190 lines of code in the entire theme, that actually matters. Easy for web designers to manage.
  • Both the customer and the operating administrator gets an email receipt of the order.

Office Features

  • Easily enter your office telephone number and address.
  • Google Maps API restricts unrealistic journeys.
  • Easily enter a welcome message from the administration panel.
  • Easily enter the currency code for the currency you deal with over PayPal.
  • Easily enter the footer information from the administration panel.

Booking Features

  • Entire booking process is quicker and more intuitive with the process taking place all at once on the front page.
  • The entire system is integrated into WordPress’s posts system.
  • Easily archive and trash old bookings which can be restored or permanently deleted.
  • All meta data such as order numbers or Booking ID is easily view able in the bookings manager.
  • The entire booking system is done in 1 file and approx 200 lines of code, which makes it super easy to manipulate the front page form to take more customer information.
  • Easily add, delete, rename, or edit any booking leveraging the power of the WordPress administration panel itself.

64 thoughts on “Buy Transport Theme for your Transport companies WordPress Installation

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  3. Added Transport type under booking section. Name= taxi, Description=taxi, Slug=taxi. Transport Type no showing up on booking page in drop down menu. What am I missing?

    Thanks, John

    • The way WordPress works is that you must assign a post to each category (transport type) for example you must assign a post (booking) such as the default post “hello world” post to a transport type to get it activated and for the transport type to show in the front page. So in your case, you must assign a post such as the “hello world” post or booking to the transport type taxi.

  4. Need to know which is the correct file to edit to change from km to miles, change the start price, each additional mile price.

    Thanks, JB

    • You don’t need to change it from km to miles. It’s just a unit of measurement, you can state your pricing on the website in Km or Miles. This theme has a simpler pricing strategy; where it eliminates an “additional” price because you could just raise the price per mile. As above the userguide states you should change the “cost” variable in the file gmap.js and that’s it.

      Thank you,

  5. Hello
    I bought this theme in the early hours of this morning as yet i have not received a confirmation email or download code, Could you please send me the zip file.


    Transaction ID: 5JN39029NA479401F

  6. Hi, please can you send me a fresh install. I have lost everything in a recent computer problem. I purchased from you using the email address I have entered. It was quite a few months ago. Thanks
    Mike Slaiter

  7. Hi

    is this theme built with SEO in mind? Can you add an article to the homepage? Can you add articles and extra pages ok?


  8. I’m interested in purchasing the theme. Wanted to know if you could share some live examples, as well as some discount if you could offer.

  9. Hi – trying to work out whether this is the right theme for what I need – seems to be but not 100% sure on a couple of things.

    If somebody makes a booking through the site could Paypal then be used to process the payment and the details of the booking be added to a calendar?

    And how localised can you make it – so could I input details of hotels and landmarks for airport journeys in a tourism area?

    • Hi Riyan,

      Yeah, the bookings are saved and dated in the back end control panel. This does local ‘places’ too and uses Google’s Map API to find the nearest ‘whatever’ the customer is looking for.

      Thank you,


      • How difficult is it to access the bookings database and post the rides booked onto a viewable page? Need to implement a “community ride share” feature and need to know if your theme is the right place to start.


  10. Hi, I bought the theme early this morning and still haven’t received any download instructions yet. My Transaction ID #7EK35526F10790818. Thanks

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  12. Hi sir..
    I want to buy transport theme.
    But before that i want to see demo of this theme.
    Where i have to register to see demo..?
    Can you please send me details…
    I want to use this theme for lorry online tickets booking.
    i want features like source- destination, name, email, distance, price (means including paypal)
    Is it Possible sir..
    Kindly please send me reply sir…
    Thank you

    • Hi Paddu,

      It says ‘Demo‘ on the black navigation bar, above the great big Blue header at the top.

      If you still can’t find the demo, click here to be taken there.


  13. Hi sir
    I want to buy transport theme.
    But before that i want to see demo of this theme.
    Where i have to register to see this demo..?
    Can you please send me details…
    I want to use this theme for lorry online ticket booking.
    i want features like source-destination ,name , email, price(including paypal).
    Is it possible..?
    kindly please send me reply.

  14. hi sir
    Thank you for your reply
    But i have one doubt sir..
    Is there any possibility to edit price for related stations?
    I mean we can add price for source and destinations from admin?
    Actually i want to use this theme for online tickets booking for lorries.
    Kindly please clarify my doubt.
    Thank you
    Paddu (This is testing site)

    • Hi Paddu,

      The demo should work now, I had just recently installed an Old plugin that crashed my entire site down.

      But I removed that old plugin now so everything is back to normal and the shopping cart is fixed so you can purchase it now if you want to.

      If there are any more problems please let me know at

      Thanks a lot,

  15. hi this is daud
    i am getting setting error and header errors on the transport theme site. So i am having problems viewing the demo or purchasing the plugin.
    can you help
    regards daud
    (even unable to put name , email and website in this comment box)

    • Hi Daud,

      The demo should work now. An old plugin I recently installed seemed to have stopped the site.

      The demo works now and you can still purchase it.

      I hope this brief inconvenience didn’t take too much of your time.


  16. Hi
    How customizable is the software? I need to implement a “rideshare” feature where recent bookings are listed on a viewable page. When someone sees a booking that goes to their desired location, need ability to have them flag this so they can join that trip. Have familiarity with web programming and mySQL databases. How difficult would it be to get info from your database to do this?


    • Seen as you mention you have web programming and mySQL know-how, It’s fairly simple since the database is just the WordPress database. The whole thing is synchronised into the ‘posts’ being the bookings, and the journey info is stored as custom-meta keys (of the posts). This version of TransportTheme is the lightest most programmatically customizable theme for a booking system available.

      I suggest you get and play about with it, you wont go wrong since you have the skills needed to customize it.


  17. IHi I purchasedthetheme from Sirwanme

    And requested for an update, i fhavent receoved it yet,

    although i did receive the initial download link to
    with user name and password. but tat is no loager working, could you please check it out and resent me again


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  19. Can I buy this through paypal instead please?

    This is really urgent, because I need to buy this for a client’s site I’m working on! So if I can’t get it quickly I will have to look for an alternative solution to purchase instead. (Really don’t want to though because this looks really good!…)

    Thank you.

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